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shreyans zaveri, the fuehrers blood

About Me

Visual effects artist.Author.Photographer

I am primarily a visual effects artist focusing on compositing & lighting. At the same time I am a proud multipotentialite and love to take charge of multiple aspects of a particular project. My educational background ranges from a Bachelor's degree in Science (Mumbai University) to a double Masters in Philosophy (Mumbai University) and Visual effects(SCAD). In the past I have worked independently as a freelance photographer & production coordinator for over five years and undertaken numerous visual projects. I am passionate about the art of storytelling and visual effects helps me tremendously to convey the same. I have publications to my credit that include my first literary fiction novel titled "The Fuehrer's Blood" and an academic paper for the PCA/ACA conference 2016.

My professional photography work can be viewd here at SZPixelpro. You can read more about my novel here at The Fuehrer's blood. You can view other independent projects on this page and you can download a copy of my resume here.